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Submitted on
December 9, 2009
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                                                         Chapter 7

   "What was that back there?" Sakura demanded as her and Deidara walked slowly behind Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba. Sakura kept her voice at a whisper so the others couldn't listen in. Deidara focused on the back of Naruto's head. Sakura noticed a smile spread quickly across his lips.
   "I was just teaching Naruto a lesson about messing with ex-Akatsuki." Deidara said. Sakura grabbed Deidara's arm to stop him. She waited for the other three to get farther ahead before they continued walking.
   "Teach Naruto a lesson? Couldn't you do it in a much nicer way AND not in front of the Hokage?" Sakura asked as she stared up at the ceiling. Deidara looked over at her still smiling.
   "What's the fun in that?" He asked. Sakura looked him in the eyes and folded her arms across her chest. Deidara could obviously see she was annoyed already.
   "Okay I'm sorry." He replied staring straight ahead again. Sakura let her arms fall loosely to her side.
   "I should be the one who's sorry," Sakura sighed, "I can't control what you do or where you do it."
   "It's fine. I'm used to someone yelling at me when I do something wrong." Deidara smiled.
   'How can he still smile when I just yelled at him? I know I'm always acting like I'm better than Naruto. But Naruto can take it. I don't know much about Deidara and I'm already treating him like Naruto." Sakura thought as she looked down at the floor.
   "I don't remember this hallway being so long." Deidara laughed as he looked around. Sakura looked up and realized they made a wrong turn.
   "My bad." Sakura said as she pulled Deidara back the way they came.
   "Your bad? What do you mean?" Deidara asked as Sakura pulled him through a door they had passed.
   "I wasn't thinking about where we were going. We made a wrong turn." Sakura said as the door to the building came in view. Sakura stole a quick glance at Deidara who still wore his smile.
   'I take it he's used to being treated this way. But still it's not right if I treat him the way I am.' Sakura thought.
   "You're awfully quiet. Will you please say something?" Deidara asked after what seemed like hours of silence. They were now walking the streets of Konoha on their way to Sakura's apartment.
   "Sorry I didn't realize how quiet it was." Sakura said finally looking at him.
   "It's fine," Deidara said, "I didn't know how busy the village got later in the afternoon." Deidara looked around at people rushing by hurrying to get to the shops before it was too late.
   "You'll get used to it." Sakura smiled as they pushed through a large crowd. Deidara nodded in agreement as they emerged from the busy streets into the lobby of the apartment building.
   "Hey Deidara?" Sakura asked as they climbed the stairs.
   "What you said to Naruto, is that true?" Sakura asked. The smile Deidara had worn faded quickly. His eyes once full of happiness now seemed darker and saddened.
    "Yeah, all of it was true." Deidara replied. They walked in silence through the dimly lit hallway to Sakura's apartment. Sakura stopped in front of a door and unlocked it.
    "Are you absolutely sure you want me to live here with you?" Deidara asked. Sakura turned around and smiled.
    "I'm sure." She said pushing open the door.
Here's chapter 7! I hope you enjoy it ^_^
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